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At ACE Advantage we handle the entire claims process for you from filing your claim to scheduling and hosting inspections to negations and settlements.

We can get involved in your claims process at any time, but the sooner the better so the claims process gets started off in the right direction. Sometimes when Staff Adjusters, who work for the Insurance Carriers, are the only ones involved in your claims process the extent of damages and settlements are limited because they use the band aid approach which makes their job easier and saves their company tons of money.

This can sometimes carry on through the referral vendors on Insurance Companies Referral Programs, meaning the Staff Adjusters reach out to mitigation companies or restoration companies on their referral list to confirm your repairs can be patched up to limit payments when you are entitled to a much larger settlement or total replacement of several items.

When to Hire a Public Adjuster

It is best to allow ACE Advantage to get involved immediately, once you recognize the problem or when you call a plumber, homeowners warranty program, roofer, or mitigation company.

Why Work with ACE Advantage

At ACE Advantage we are also Experts in all Industry Standards regarding the mitigation, cleaning, abatement and restoration protocols so we always make sure your settlements aren’t cut short or that you’re left with a bigger problem months down the road. We will help with not only your Other Structure/Dwelling Damages, but we will help with your Content/Personal Property Damages and Additional Living Expenses/Temporary Housing.

There’s no aspect of the Claims Process that we are not familiar with and we will make sure your settlements are substantially larger than what your Insurance Company is willing to pay, because that is what you’re owed. You should never just accept an unreasonable settlement and go away because Insurance Companies say no or make things difficult.

Let ACE Advantage get you the most out of the situation and make the process as stress free as possible.

Maryland Insurance Administration License Number #2189389